You've never experienced luggage like this before...

Luggage is one of those products that everybody has - or needs.  Figuring out the best luggage to buy to meet your travel needs isn't always easy.  We have all at some stage purchased a cheap range of luggage only to find that it needs to be replaced after a couple of trips away.  No doubt you have sat at airports and watched the baggage handlers tossing the luggage in the hold which further confirms there is a real need to travel with luggage that is more durable, lightweight and resilient than anything else on the market. 


Enter...Topp Luggage.  No matter what size or range decided upon, you will enjoy all the features you would expect to find in serious travel luggage.


Made from 100% Polypropylene you can rest assured that your contents are protected.  The team at Topp Luggage are thrilled with this incredible opportunity to offer a superior product to the Samsonite ranges at a more competitive price to the New Zealand public.


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